About Us
Forcecollectors.com is an online community dedicated to the buying, selling and trading of Star Wars collectibles.


Our mission is to support the growth of the Star Wars collecting hobby by providing a comprehensive destination that organizes the most extensive listings of Star Wars collectibles for sale on the Web in a way that is meaningful for collectors.


1997: Founded by Richard Smolen in Los Angeles, CA as the Star Wars Collectibles Network, an online directory of Star Wars collecting sites and free Classifieds.

1999: Rich teams up with another avid Star Wars collector to redesign and relaunch the site as Forcecollectors.com, expanding the site to provide additional services for collectors, including auction crawling and articles on Star Wars collecting.

2001: By popular demand, the Shopping area is added to the site. This virtual mall of Star Wars collectibles contained over 750 individual items and links to over 3,500 from leading merchants across the web.

2004: Forcecollectors.com is relocated to northern California.

2007: Forcecollectors.com is redesigned and services are updated to meet the changing needs of collectors. News services from around the Web are now available, and RSS feeds have been added to make it easier for collectors to stay up to speed on eBay auctions. Rich continues to manage and maintain Forcecollectors.com, continuously looking for ways to improve the site for collectors.

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